Custom made Tasmanian artefacts for your home and garden.

Based on the smaller of the two islands that make up Australia MCLAREN-BESPOKE is a Tasmanian business, derived from the realisation of many years of tinkering, thinking, trial + error, blood sweat and……. Well you get the picture!

With a desire to design and manufacture quality crafted objects for the exterior and interior of any space, focusing heavily on well designed aesthetics with individual style.

Our pieces often make good use of mixed media, from concrete, corten steel, stainless steel, copper, timber and glass. Often incorporating L.E.D. lighting, giving a whole different perspective long after the sun has set.

You can choose from ready made designs or alternatively mix and match different components for your own individual piece. Also offering a meet and greet to discuss your needs for a truly “Bespoke” one-off commission.

The Maker

Gene McLaren, Tasmanian born and bred (sorry in advance), growing up in Launceston in the 70’s and 80’s I attended the local public school, living the typical life that is almost forgotten on today's standards.

My dad was a motor mechanic who had a reasonably well appointed shed in the backyard of our house for doing weekend work on the side. It was working along side of him in his spare time where I found a love early in life of tinkering, from making to destruction, yearning to know how something works and to re-purpose just about anything, often failing! ...... Read more



Light it up

Many of our outdoor sculptures, screens and garden art are made to incorporate L.E.D. lightning.  With this addition, it gives the piece a whole different perspective once the sunsets, extending its beauty beyond daylight hours........ see gallery

Sculptures and one-offs

Our larger one off pieces are continuously evolving, constantly being developed from concepts, through sketches and Marquette’s. If you have a space you feel could be suited for one of these unique sculptures, we would be happy to consult with you on your specific needs and develop a commissioned piece........ see gallery.

Garden Art

We create a vast array of garden art, using many different materials, timber, steel, copper concrete, recycled iron and glass just to name a few. These pieces  range from the small and quirky to larger pieces, such as birdbath's and sundials. These pieces are constantly evolving and many of which can be altered to suit your particular needs......... see gallery

Screens, gates and architectural

We create a vast array of fitted pieces to compliment any style of home, from gates and screening through to specialised forms for ornate concrete casting....... see gallery

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